Easter, also called Pascha or Zatik, is a Christian cultural holiday commemorating the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead. The New Testament describes the resurrection as occurring on the third day after his crucifixion by the Romans on the cross at Calvary, c. 30 AD. Whether you celebrate it or not, there are many things to do during this special time. Read on to learn more about the holiday’s significance and why you should celebrate it.

There are dozens of Easter activities that the entire family can enjoy together. One fun activity for children of all ages is an Easter Egg Hunt. The game involves hiding eggs and tossing them to a teammate. The winner must collect the eggs and return them to their base. The process can be repeated a number of times. To keep the activity fresh, play some classic Easter movies. Or, try a few new games. In addition to the traditional egg hunt, there are lots of other fun ways to spend the day.

You can play games with your children, such as the Easter Egg Game. Using eggs, each player has to try and guess the color of the other one. You can also give out chocolate bunnies to the winners. Some games are similar to Duck, Goose, but for Easter, you should be sure to have some fun and have a good time. If you have children, you can even play a classic movie on Easter! A great way to celebrate the holiday is to get a whole family involved in the festivities.

Another fun activity for Easter is playing the Easter Egg Game. The idea is similar to that of Jenga, but you should use hard-boiled eggs instead of normal ones. Simply lay a coaster in the center of the table and place a pile of Peeps on it. The player who causes the stack to fall is out. During the Easter holiday, try to find a new game every year. You will never be bored with this activity.

If you have younger children, you can play the Easter Egg Race. This game is similar to the traditional horse race, but instead of being played by the horse, it is played with eggs. You need to have an incline where the eggs can run down. Alternatively, you can use burlap sacks instead of eggs. The sacks should be decorated with flowers and Easter candy. You can also play it with a movie on the theme of the Easter.

Other games for children include the Easter Egg Race. This is a classic game that is similar to duck, goose. In the Easter Egg Race, the players place an egg on a spoon and race to the finish line, keeping the egg balanced while they run. The first person to reach the goal wins. In this game, one fox must keep an eye on the egg and run to the finish line. After the eggs are found, the fox must return to the base to collect them.